My name is Paula Anderson and my original graphic design website at this address: has been shutdown permamnently due to it being hijacked and used for criminal activities, ie: people trading, child abuse (including paedophilia), drug dealing, weapons dealing, scamming, trapping people into gambling, money laundering, and illegal money transfers. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. Without my knowledge, I have not in the past nor do I give my permission now or in the future for the following to occur: my website has been used illegally as advertising space for the above activities mentioned, that is, words thoughout my website have been highlighted so when you rollover them an ad placement appears and redirects you to other pages within my website or websites outside of my own. If you see any highlighted words, images or links on this page (there should not be any other pages on this website) then this site has been hijacked again and used for criminal activity. Another way that the criminals target their advertising to lure you is by way of hidden code on this website. The hidden code targets any words that are commonly used in your browser and the ads are automatically designed to attach themselves to the words. Also my work has been stolen and sold and people have been selling there work under my name on my website. You will not be able to find my work anywhere on the internet and if you do so, it's been put there illegally - DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING as your credit card transaction/s will give the criminals access to your banking and personal details. My website has had tracking software illegally placed on it specifically to get into the personal and or banking details of anyone who visits my website. Any connection to this website could lead to your financial ruin and also, the criminals could frame you for their criminal activity and they could do this by having access to your personal information (and whereabouts) by way of the tracking software on this website. Please contact the authorities in your country (or anywhere else you think you may be of help) if you think that your personal and or banking details have been accessed through my website. I am very sorry for any inconvenience and PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. If you hear or see of anybody saying that I give permission for them to have access to my website or that they say that they are acting on my behalf and that I am giving them permission to have access to my website, it's NOT TRUE, it's an imposter either impersonating me - Paula Anderson or someone claiming to know me. Please ignore anyone that says anything to the contrary. If they say they are accessing my website to go under cover to catch criminals, then why don't they create their own website and why doesn't the government authorities (as the criminals claim) have their own under cover websites set up to catch criminals? Again it's a LIE and ask them for hard copy proof that they can supply you with, that proves that they are going under cover. Ask for detailed information and if they say they can't for privacy reasons, say that the name of the under cover operation doesn't need to be mentioned (just the details) and get a signature and contact details on an original copy of the information supplied. If it's sent in an email, get their IP address from the email that they sent to you and run it through a WHOIS search engine (for a WHOIS search engine, type into Google: WHOIS and choose a website from there that has a search engine on it) and immediatley start up a running correspndence with the person/s so you can verify the communication. If they refuse to give you that information, then ask them for the name of the organisation that they are working for and the name/s and contact details of the person/s that they are answerable to. Furthermore, I designed my website to be soley set up for graphic design and nothing else and I don't want my name attached to any type of surveillance that is set up for catching criminals. When the police go under cover they use bogus names so they can protect themselves from any backlash from the criminal world. I am a private citizen and I want to be left alone and I don't want my name to be attached to any criminal activity or to be known by anyone in the criminal. The professionals like the police have been trained in catching criminals and I would prefer that they keep their activities to themselves. As you are probably gathering, the criminals will say and do anything to lure people onto this website so they can take their money from them and also frame them for their illegal activities. If you are told that I am receiving money from any of the activities that I have mentioned on this website, IT'S A LIE. If you see or hear of anyone claiming that I have, it's either an imposter, impersonating me - Paula Anderson or someone claiming to know me. I have never received any money from any of the activities that I have mentioned on this website nor do I intend to in the present or future. The criminals may also claim that they have or that they intend on setting up a trust fund for me as payment for using my website. IT'S A LIE. The only person/s I want having access to my website, is me. Through my own investigations I have found that they have done this to a lot of people and unfortunately no-one has been able to get their names, addresses, etc to catch them. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE and protect yourself against identity theft and fraud. Finally, if you think that I should be made aware of any type of misconduct, I would appreciate it if you could report it to the authorities in your country or anywhere else you think may be of help, as my email address has also been hijacked and my emails are being intercepted by the criminals and I don't receive any emails relating to my website, so therefore, please do not try to contact me through my email address ( or any other address/es that claim to be me or connected to me. If you want to make any reports regarding this website, please do so by directly contacting the authorities in your country or anywhere else you think may be of help, and ask for them to contact me and they will do so by going through the relevant government agencies. Please blog the information regarding this website to warn others from coming onto it. Again, I am very sorry for any inconvenience and I wish you well.